What You Know about Weight Loss is WRONG.

So you want weight loss. That means it’s time to get yo diet and gym membership on… right? Wrong. Well kinda.

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What if I told you that I have the secret to weight loss. That I have lost tons of weight, and am even sustaining and maintaining that weight loss. I look FIERCE AF, I FEEL fierce AF, and I’ve never been happier. Life is good… F’ing great actually.

You’d probably want to know the secret right.

Here’s the secret.

weight loss secret

Stop following MY way.

Yup. The secret is to stop following MY way, or ANYONE ELSE’S PERSONAL-WEIGHT-LOSS-WAY for that matter.

“Wait what but I thought you had lost tons of weight and have never felt better?? Why wouldn’t I do exactly what you’re doing?”

Truth is, the reason why you’ve failed at losing weight in the past is that you’ve been trying all of these diet plans, all of these gym routines, that have worked for OTHER people, but you haven’t stopped to think about what exactly would work for YOU!


What can you adapt into your specific daily routine that will be EASY to maintain and sustain. So keto worked for your friend but isn’t working for you? THAT’S OKAY. Running outside helped your husband but never helped you? There are so many different forms of exercise and diets these days, do some research, start exploring! What works for someone, may not work for you.

In fact you don’t even necessarily have to go on a diet to lose weight. You don’t even have to exercise if you didn’t want to… do I recommend not exercising? No. Mainly because exercise should be about so much more than just weight loss and instead about taking care of your body and showing it love. BUT anything is possible and I certainly have seen it all.

Bottom line… there actually is no secret. In fact, if you really want to lose weight and keep it off you have to change your lifestyle. And when I say lifestyle I mean lifestyle. It has to become apart of your routine, an easy part of your everyday life. Losing weight for good doesn’t mean joining a gym for 2 weeks every New Year. It doesn’t mean trying every new diet trend when you see something in the media. It means committing to changing your life and to changing your identity.

And the most important question I have for you on this weight loss quest is WHY? Why do you want to lose weight? WHY is it so important to you? Is it because of what the media has been presenting to you? Or do you really want it? And again WHY do you want it?

If you don’t understand WHY you’re doing something… you will never take the steps to get yourself there.

If you don’t understand WHY you want to lose weight… you will never change your habits or your current comfortable life to get there.

Because the truth is. This shit is hard. There is no quick way to get there. Truly there is not.

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