Get TONED and not BULKY – for the basic betch

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Because every basic betch wants to get toned… but DON’T YOU DARE give her exercises that will MAKE HER BULKY (or look like a man)!

Wanna get toned?

How to get toned and not bulky- exerises for the basic betch to get hot without looking extra bulky aka without looking like a man.

Wanna get toned? That’s your first mistake. Your’e trying to be the Baddest Betch right? Then stop using the word “toned”. How did that word even start circulating within the female world?

Do you ever hear a man say he wants to get toned? Do you ever describe a man as toned? The word “toned” literally means “having firmed and well-defined muscles”. I’m curious, how did this word get stuck in the female-only world? Why can’t men be described in this way?

A man that looks “toned” might be defined in our modern world as “fit” or “muscular” or even… BULKY. Usually after I hear the phrase “I wanna be toned”, a woman will say… “but I DON’T want to be bulky” or “I want to be toned BUT I don’t want to look like a man!”.

LOL. I’m sorry to laugh but I have to L.O.L!!

toned not bulky

Okay I’ll stop laughing cuz this is serious.

First Step: Change Your Language

Let’s just start by changing our language. Language is powerful and it can transform the way we feel about ourselves and how we see ourselves.

According to Stanford News, a “study showed that a relatively harmless sentence, such as ‘girls are as good as boys at math,’ can subtly perpetuate sexist stereotypes. … it implies that being good at math is more common or natural for boys than girls, the researchers said.”

This word “toned” that we’ve attached to females, “subtly suggests” that maybe women shouldn’t lift weights, and definitely not heavy weights. This language, ultimately might discourage women from finding time for resistance training in the gym. Resistance training has so many health benefits including preventing osteoporosis, maintaining a high quality of life as we age, boosting our metabolic rate (aka better at burning fat), as well as all of the aesthetic benefits.

Instead of focusing your goals on a word that was arbitrarily assigned to the female physique, let’s focus on STRENGTH. Let’s focus on getting STRONG. Let’s focus on having (as the definition says) WELL-DEFINED MUSCLES, or FIRM MUSCLES, if we’re speaking aesthetically.

toned basic betch

Step 2: Strategy

OKAY! Cool. Now that we’ve changed our language let’s talk strategy. And when I say strategy I mean NO BULKINESS.

How do we get “strong”, “well-defined”, “firm” muscles without getting HUGE like the HULK?

bulky manly

What? Your fem self doesn’t want to look like that?!

Lol jk okay I get it I’ll STOP LAUGHING. Cuz this is serious and no one wants to look like the hulk unless you want to look the hulk!

So here’s the good news. IT’S REALLY REALLY REALLY.






Hard to build muscles like that. Like you have to actively try and look like that to look like that.

I have had many male clients who want to look like a FRACTION of that. And have had trouble building muscle mass to that extent. A fraction of the hulk is hard. Trying to look like 15% of the hulk is hard!!

Let me make this clear.

FIRST OF ALL. You have to lift weights in a SUPER specific strength AND body-building style like 5-7 days a week no exaggeration.

SECOND. (And this is where most men trip up) your diet has to be on point. And by on point I mean the hulk is probs eating upwards of 3-4,000 calories a day. A DAY. In order to refuel and build muscle like that.

If your cute lil self is traipsing into the gym 3-5 days a week, doin a lil cardio here and there, taking a spin class one day a week, picking up some weights 2 days a week for an hour or maybe even 5 days a week for 20 min… and then goin about your life and consuming the daily recommended calories of approx 1800-2300 calories per day. YOU WILL NOT, I REPEAT YOU WILL NOT.



“Wait but like will I ge-“

GIRL. You will not get bulky.

Problem Solved.

Now go be your badass babe self, get hot without looking extra bulky, get your booty in that gym, pick up a damn weight or two or seven and let’s DO IT!

Unsure of what to do in the weight room?

Scared to step foot near a dumbbell?

Afraid you’ll look like a fool trying?

Don’t have time to workout?

No prob B I got you. Sign up for a phone call HERE. This free consultation will get you on the right track.

how to get toned and not bulky

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