12 Weeks to ForeverFit Client: Dan Kriss

Dan lost 13lbs in 12 Weeks.

"It's an adjustment because you're used to like finishing a quick fix program and seeing pounds and pounds and pounds lost per week and a before and after photo that's shocking. But like... this is the real work. This is the slow arduous patient long term lifetime work lifestyle change kind of stuff."

"Before doing this program, with a week like this, I would have not done any workout because I was 'too busy'... The push and help from Amanda was just what I needed to get back on track! I now feel like I have the tools needed to live a healthy life!"

—Mikayla Glasgow


12 Weeks to ForeverFit Client: Jordan Rosenburg

"A year ago I fell into some really bad habits and they've been so hard to break. Thanks to this program I've been able to realize what should and shouldn't be going into my body. There are things I truly don't desire to eat anymore because they just make me feel bad after... I had a major win this past weekend. I felt confident and beautiful. I was nervous because I had to buy this dress a size smaller than what I've been wearing. The fact that it fit, and it fit well made me feel so good about myself."

"I have enjoyed every minute of working with Amanda who is an anchor in this chaotic world as we attempt to improve our bodies, minds, and confidence while managing life. Her kindness and dedication has instilled in me the will to continue working out."

- Tom C.


12 Weeks to ForeverFit Client: Kayla Tomas

"It was something that just became a part of my routine. I didn't do it for the Chipotle. I didn't do it because of the two bullet bras I had to wear onstage... I did it for me. And I'm dang proud."

"Amanda. I can't thank you enough for your help. It means so much. I appreciate you more than you know. You have made me appreciate what it means to live a healthier life. Not only did you make a better me. I feel like you gave me a second chance to be a better father! I feel like you helped give my daughter her father back. Thank you so so much"

-Phil Crawford