Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review

PLUS a macronutrient comparison & Vegan Tacos Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review!! Trader Joe’s now has their own version of the Beyond/Impossible Plant Based Patties! And it’s only 4.49$ for two burgers. You cannot beat that! But is it good? Watch this YouTube vid to find out what I think about this plant based burger inContinue reading “Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review”

My Favorite Vegan Protein Sources

You’re VEGAN? How do you get your protein?? Struggling with maintaining and sustaining weight-loss? Sign up for a FREE consultation call HERE ! As a vegan, I get asked all the time what I eat to get protein… how have I been able to build muscle while not eating meat… how do I have lean muscleContinue reading “My Favorite Vegan Protein Sources”