How to Not Quit on Your Goals this New Year

Do you set the same goals every year… and every year you quit after just 2 short weeks? Then this message is for you. It happens every single year. You set goals. You set resolutions. And you have every intention of keeping them. You have every intention of ACHIEVING them. THIS is the year. AndContinue reading “How to Not Quit on Your Goals this New Year”

5 Health Foods that AREN’T Healthy

You might be eating these 5 health foods thinking they’re healthy… but they aren’t. 1. Nut Butters Okay don’t get it twisted. I eat nut butter all day errday. But where YOU might be missing the KEY health component here is in what KIND you’re purchasing. First of all, nut butter is full of amazing,Continue reading “5 Health Foods that AREN’T Healthy”

Running = Fat Loss?

Not So Much. Here’s Why. One would assume running would equal fat loss. Or at least exercise high in cardiovascular activity and calorie burn would equal fat loss. I’ve been running consistently now for a span of 6 months and haven’t lost much fat. So does running = fat loss? Not so much and here’sContinue reading “Running = Fat Loss?”

My Thoughts on the Keto Diet

Why it works for Weight-Loss but should NOT be your Go-To So you’re looking to lose weight. Maybe shed some belly fat. Get toned? And weight-loss has always been a bit of a struggle for ya. In fact, you’ve struggled with it your whole life… you’ve never felt comfortable in your skin or confident inContinue reading “My Thoughts on the Keto Diet”


Amanda Jane is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in helping YOU lose weight and maintain weight loss without quick fixes or fad diets! Schedule It. Take out your calendar RIGHT NOW. Look for times that you have consistently free every single week. Schedule your workout in. Put it in your calendar as if it isContinue reading “3 WAYS to ALWAYS FIND TIME TO WORKOUT”

My Favorite Vegan Protein Sources

You’re VEGAN? How do you get your protein?? Struggling with maintaining and sustaining weight-loss? Sign up for a FREE consultation call HERE ! As a vegan, I get asked all the time what I eat to get protein… how have I been able to build muscle while not eating meat… how do I have lean muscleContinue reading “My Favorite Vegan Protein Sources”

Caked Up in Harmful Makeup

This is my first blog. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who would blog. But as I sit here, late at night alone in my apartment I find myself infuriated, so much so that I need to write it down and not just write it down but share this frustration with my friends, family,Continue reading “Caked Up in Harmful Makeup”