Outdoor Workout! (No Equipment)

Okay peeps... it is officially (almost) Memorial Day Weekend aka MDW aka summer aka WARM WEATHER aka NO MORE BEING TRAPPED IN A GYM LET'S GET OUTSIDE!!!

Similarly to my last blog post, there is a VLOG attached to the BLOG. SO if you can't gather from the pictures how to perform each exercise listed below... simply watch the video version HERE!

Alright so let's get outside, find our favorite local park (preferably with a bench) and let's get movin'.



The most important thing before we get started is...


Looks good?! Great! Aside from that, please make sure you always warm up and cool down! Always have some water close by, wear your sunscreen and have fun!

Perform the following sequence 3-4 times through with a 1 minute rest in between each set. If you need clarity on how to do the exercises, watch the full video HERE!

lol... jk!

lol... jk!


wait... HOLD UP. If your RBF isn't as good as mine... you ain't doin' it right.

das one mean muggin, serious tricep dip!

das one mean muggin, serious tricep dip!