My Thoughts on the Keto Diet

Why it works for Weight-Loss but should NOT be your Go-To


So you’re looking to lose weight. Maybe shed some belly fat. Get toned? And weight-loss has always been a bit of a struggle for ya. In fact, you’ve struggled with it your whole life… you’ve never felt comfortable in your skin or confident in your body. BEHOLD THE KETO DIET. The NEWEST trend that everyone is trying AND it’s WORKING! Like actually people are losing weight from it. Tons of weight. And fast!


Yes, people are losing weight on the keto diet. This is true. But the keto diet is not WHY they’re losing weight. … so WHAT GIVES?!

Scientific Evidence.

There is scientific evidence towards the keto diet helping children with epilepsy and autism but NO evidence for it being a better option than any other form of weight-loss diet. Click HERE for a study that shows improvements in children with Autism after just 3 months of the keto diet. Click HERE for a study that supports the keto diet in treatment of epilepsy.

So why does keto help you to lose weight? Simple, it FORCES you to be in a caloric deficit. What is a caloric deficit you ask? It’s when you consume LESS food than you EXPEND throughout the day or week. It does this by eliminating an ENTIRE food group from your diet (carbohydrates). AKA… weight is lost by being in a caloric deficit… NOT from being on the keto diet. In other words ANY diet can do that. YUP! Literally ANY diet can help you to lose weight… as long as you’re in a caloric deficit. People are just using keto as a TOOL to help with a caloric deficit. Click HERE for a study that shows why a caloric deficit is responsible for weight-loss.

HERES THE GOOD NEW: you don’t have to completely eliminate carbs to to lose weight.

me too Oprah, me too.

Keto is aiding in weight-loss simply because on the diet, you are eating less calories. But you don’t have to completely eliminate carbs to eat less calories… you can just EAT LESS CALORIES! *GASP* *SHOCKER*


Do you have a history of having negative relationships with food? If you’ve tried other fad diets to no avail, suffered from binge eating, have guilt, anxiety, and/or stress surrounding food or the idea of food, then I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE KETO DIET. Completely eliminating an entire food group can fuel negative relationships with food. And frankly, restriction leads to binging. The more you restrict, the more you tell yourself you “can’t” eat this or “can’t” eat that, the more likely you are to crave it and potentially have a surprise binge attack. Try practicing moderation instead but just eating LESS. Remember, all you have to do to lose weight is be in a caloric deficit. If you practice a well-balanced, moderate diet containing ALL macro and micro nutrients INCLUDING carbs, then you will never feel restricted.


Then I DEF DON’T recommend keto! The single most important macronutrient to help with your metabolism is carbohydrates. Carbs will manipulate your insulin sensitivity and metabolic function! We NEED carbs especially after our workouts to restore our glycogen stores. Carbs also help with protein synthesis! They work TOGETHER to refuel and rebuild your muscles after a strenuous workout! Eliminating carbs altogether may lead to insulin resistance which potentially can further lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Click HERE for more information.


Besides linking to diabetes and a damaged metabolism, the keto diet is very high in fat and protein, and very low in vital micronutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables (fruits and veggies are carbs btw). A diet too high in protein can lead to serious liver damage and dehydration. A diet too high in fat and protein, especially saturated fat, can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even risks of cancer.

Additionally, because you’re eliminating an entire food group, the keto diet is not very sustainable long term. Are you really going to never eat a slice of bread ever again? NEVER eat a cookie?? Fruit? SWEET POTATOES?! Because it’s not sustainable long term, the weight lost while on the keto diet is ALSO NOT sustainable long term. Weight is lost yes, but quickly gained right back.


If it is not sustainable I don’t recommend it. If going keto is going to make you lose weight but you can’t sustain it FOREVER then you most likely won’t be able to sustain weight-loss forever. #sorrynotsorry
But at the same time- try it if you want. Take the time to develop habits around it, see how you feel. I would say the same for ANY diet.

Unsure how to lose weight in a sustainable and maintainable way? Don’t worry I got your back! That’s my SPECIALTY! Let’s chat! Click HERE to schedule a FREE phone call where I help you navigate what steps to take to lose weight and keep it off!

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