Manifest Your Dreams in 2021

take your 2021 goals to the next level by learning how to MANIFEST THEM into reality

Manifestation can feel like magic when it works, but that’s just YOU in alignment, and the Universe responding accordingly.

With this workshop you will discover:

✅ How Manifestation worked for me in the hardest year of our lifetime and how I came to manifest 

  • Performing my Dream Roles, even in Quarantine
  • Financial Abundance – my highest paid acting job yet
  • My Dream Home
  • Self-Love and Attracting Partners


✅ Mindset, and why this is the most important aspect of Manifestation including reframing, resourcefulness, gratitude, ego death, and living presently

✅ Goal setting techniques

✅ Visualization

✅ Daily Journal Prompts

✅ Actionable Steps you can take with you to make manifestation apart of your lifestyle

✅ And much more

I hosted this workshop in January and it was a hit! I want to host it again, this time catering to my people: actors, singers, dancers, and creatives.

Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation Workshop
Materials Sent to you on March 1, 2021

PRE ORDER AND SAVE (workshop originally priced at $58)

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Amanda Jane Snyder

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve invested over $15k in self growth and mentorship programs? 

I’m ready for you to do the same, only instead of $15k, I’ve packaged it all into an affordable 2 hour event.

See you there!



Amanda Jane

has a B.A. in Theatre Performance from Wagner College. Her combined education of theatre paired with a Masters Degree (in progress) in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Long Island University – Brooklyn, adds a unique perspective to navigating the world of a creative. She uses a holistic, mind, body, and spirit approach with all of her clients, in whatever their goals may be.

Actors are Athletes, Train Like One.


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