Impossibly… dry? A vegan fast food review.

WHY this SHITTY Vegan Fast Food Burger is important AF.

As many of you know, the famous fast food chain, Burger King recently came out with the *nearly* vegan Impossible Whopper. A meatless burger, that tastes and simulates the texture and experience of meat. I’ve had the impossible burger elsewhere and have it pretty often. Lucky for me I live in NYC where the impossible burger is everywhere and prepared in a much more delicious, gourmet way; yup, I’m a privileged vegan. I’ve had it at Bare Burger, crushed into a taco at Taco Dumbo to name a few. And they were all AMAZING. Juicy, and EXACTLY like the red meat I remember from my youth many years ago. But back to BK’s Impossible Whopper…let me tell you, this one… wasn’t that good. It wasn’t BAD. But I’ll probably never get it again.

It was dry.
And fair warning- it’s not pre-made dairy free: you have to order it with no mayo and ask for it to be cooked on a separate section if you don’t want cross contamination. How. Annoying.

So why is this a big fricken deal?

You may have ALSO seen that our world is currently in need of some serious help. Climate change is real and it’s happening at a rapid rate. And it’s not just effecting the temperatures of our environment, it’s threatening our food supply. Click HERE to read more. Going vegan is one of the best things you can do for the environment, even if it’s ONLY for Meatless Monday. Read more HERE.

Up until this point, vegan options have not always been readily available especially in lower income communities.

Having the 3rd largest food chain in the world produce a vegan option is the first step to creating accessibility to ALL and it sets the tone for how restaurants can provide options for consumers moving forward.

Fast food is often an only option for some lower income families. Veganism CAN be pretty inexpensive if you prepare in the grocery store correctly. After all, basic grains, beans and legumes, and vegetables are probably the cheapest options available for purchase. Vegan restaurants on the other hand? EXPENSIVE AF. PLUS, not everyone has time to cook EVERY meal. Especially if you’re a working parent striving to provide for your family while making ends meet.

Having fast food as an option creates accessibility. Vegan food is now available at a lower cost allowing EVERYONE the opportunity to make a large impact on our health AND environment. Not to mention we can save some furry friends in the process.

Have you tried the #impossiblewhopper ?
What did you think?

Not sure how to transition into veganism? Click HERE for a FREE consultation on how you can make veganism apart of your lifestyle.

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