How I stayed on track while traveling… FOR A BACHELORETTE PARTY!

bachelorette party

Okay so you’re going out of town for a week and you’re nervous you won’t be able to keep up with your fitness routine…

woah woah. DON’T STRESS! It’s just ONE weekend away.


you’re not JUST going out of town for like some business meeting. You’re going out of town for a celebration… a party…


Just how the hell do you plan on staying on track!?
You don’t want to ruin your summer diet/shred that you’ve been working so hard on!


Pack your bags and relax… you got this.

Did you know you can take food through airport security?

This is so important not only for making good choices but also for saving some money!! Airports can be SUPER expensive and they don’t have many great options (especially for plant based peeps like me). So I ALWAYS make sure to bring some healthy snacks with me. Here’s what I packed on this trip to Chicago.

Simply Protein Bar: Vegan, 15 grams of protein, low in sugar, minimal ingredients
Empty Water Bottle to fill up at water fountains!

Alright everything is going well so far! You packed your healthy snacks… you are all SET to go until you arrive in Chicago and realize… 


Okay… now that I’ve had my Vegan Donut… time to get BACK ON TRACK. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN GET IN THE WAY OF MY SUMMER SHRED/DIET.

But wait… the Bride is arriving soon and she LOVESSSSS tequila… Let’s cheers with a margarita!

when you’re the bride you should always be double fisting…

Okay maybe it wasn’t one margarita… maybe it was a few. and some shots of tequila as well. and even some champagne. BUT FEAR NOT. In true “friends with Amanda Jane” form… the bride planned a workout class for the next day!


The kinds of people you hang out with inform the type of people WE ARE. If working out and eating well is important to your friends, it will most likely be important to you as well. You will encourage each other in all of the positive ways!

SO the beautiful Bride wanted Acai Bowls and a workout class. We SWEAT that Tequila out in a Cardio Dance class and Yoga!

acai bowl!!

and then we drank some more.


lol… drinking on a boat can be pretty intense

But don’t worry I had a kale salad in between cuz #balance.

Okay so maybe I’m not staying SUPER on track… and maybe I actually lied to you all and this was actually a trick to get you to read a blog post about moderation.


An extremely boring, not fun, NOT sexy word. MODERATION. HOW INCREDIBLY BORING.

But guess what. This boring word, this way of life that maybe doesn’t seem so exciting or sexy or quick is actually how we are able to sustain health and fitness LONG TERM.

I am in my mid 20s and my best friend is getting married. Am I really going to count calories and macronutrients, limit my drinking to one or two vodka sodas and not enjoy the joys of brunch and National Donut Day? NO.

But here’s the thing. That’s what works for me. Knowing that I am able to drink, I am able to have donuts, pizza or WHATEVER whenever I want (because I’m not on some crazy weird fad diet) allows me to live stress free. I live my life moderately. During my normal week I have smoothies packed with fruits and veggies and fiber and all the essential vitamins and minerals. I have my 1Up Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder, I have my giant kale salads and roasted veggies and beans and tofu. And then I’m able to go on vacation for a weekend and enjoy myself. Guilt free. I am able to celebrate and know that ONE weekend away WILL NOT KILL ME OR RUIN MY PROGRESS!

And then we saw the sunset… and it was a reminder of what really matters.

Live in the moment and experience life to the fullest in whatever way that means to you.

Life is too short to worry about staying “on track”.

Whatever you choose, however you decide to live your life. Make sure it makes you happy.

I enjoy fitness.

I enjoy eating healthy.

But more importantly, I enjoy spending time with those I love.


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