Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review

PLUS a macronutrient comparison & Vegan Tacos Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review!! Trader Joe’s now has their own version of the Beyond/Impossible Plant Based Patties! And it’s only 4.49$ for two burgers. You cannot beat that! But is it good? Watch this YouTube vid to find out what I think about this plant based burger inContinue reading “Trader Joe’s “Beyond/Impossible” Review”

5 Fitness Goals that have nothing to do with Weight-Loss

Your fitness goals don’t always have to be based upon weight-loss. In fact, here are 5 fitness goals that have absolutely nothing to do with weight-loss.

Get TONED and not BULKY – for the basic betch

Because every basic betch wants to get toned… but DON’T YOU DARE give her exercises that will MAKE HER BULKY (or look like a man)! Wanna get toned? How to get toned and not bulky- exerises for the basic betch to get hot without looking extra bulky aka without looking like a man. Wanna getContinue reading “Get TONED and not BULKY – for the basic betch”

5 Health Foods that AREN’T Healthy

You might be eating these 5 health foods thinking they’re healthy… but they aren’t. 1. Nut Butters Okay don’t get it twisted. I eat nut butter all day errday. But where YOU might be missing the KEY health component here is in what KIND you’re purchasing. First of all, nut butter is full of amazing,Continue reading “5 Health Foods that AREN’T Healthy”

Running = Fat Loss?

Not So Much. Here’s Why. One would assume running would equal fat loss. Or at least exercise high in cardiovascular activity and calorie burn would equal fat loss. I’ve been running consistently now for a span of 6 months and haven’t lost much fat. So does running = fat loss? Not so much and here’sContinue reading “Running = Fat Loss?”

Should You Avoid Fruit Sugar for Weight-Loss?

Fruit is known as nature’s candy, and for good reason: it’s so pleasantly sweet! But could this sugar be harming your progress? Should you avoid the fruit sugar for weight-loss? In case you missed my FREE Facebook LIVE training last week: FEAR NOT! This blog post will recap what we discussed in the training. Sugar:Continue reading “Should You Avoid Fruit Sugar for Weight-Loss?”

What You Know about Weight Loss is WRONG.

So you want weight loss. That means it’s time to get yo diet and gym membership on… right? Wrong. Well kinda. What if I told you that I have the secret to weight loss. That I have lost tons of weight, and am even sustaining and maintaining that weight loss. I look FIERCE AF, IContinue reading “What You Know about Weight Loss is WRONG.”


Amanda Jane is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in helping YOU lose weight and maintain weight loss without quick fixes or fad diets! Schedule It. Take out your calendar RIGHT NOW. Look for times that you have consistently free every single week. Schedule your workout in. Put it in your calendar as if it isContinue reading “3 WAYS to ALWAYS FIND TIME TO WORKOUT”

How to Survive the Holidays

THE most asked about Question… So here are my top 3 Ways to not lose progress this holiday season! 1.Change Your Mindset Tricked Ya! I actually don’t believe in merely SURVIVING the holidays. I believe in LIVING through the holidays… yes that’s right, I don’t believe this time of year is the time to beContinue reading “How to Survive the Holidays”

How I stayed on track while traveling… FOR A BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Okay so you’re going out of town for a week and you’re nervous you won’t be able to keep up with your fitness routine… woah woah. DON’T STRESS! It’s just ONE weekend away. BUT WAIT…  you’re not JUST going out of town for like some business meeting. You’re going out of town for a celebration…Continue reading “How I stayed on track while traveling… FOR A BACHELORETTE PARTY!”