Yup! That’s me!

That girl… that was me at my worst, both physically and mentally! I wasn’t confident in my body. I felt sluggish and insecure. I was truly in a bad place in my life and I didn’t even fully realize it.

I lacked confidence in my career and my relationships suffered…

My health was so bad that I suffered from severe lower back pain to the point where I couldn’t even walk… and no I am not exaggerating.
I decided it was time to make a change…

So I did! THIS is me TODAY!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have helped not only myself, but countless other women. If I could help them… I can also help you!

Helping Women Maintain Weight Loss without Fad Diets or Quick Fixes

“I have enjoyed every minute of working with Amanda who is an anchor in this chaotic world as we attempt to improve our bodies, minds, and confidence while managing life.”

Monica C.