Helping actors, artists, and dancers reach their full potential in their craft by treating them as the athletes they are.

My client Kayla preparing for her performance in South Pacific

Artists are athletes and they should be treated as such.

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Musical Theater Performance and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition in progress. Artists are athletes and they should be treated as such. Every professional athlete has a Strength and Conditioning Coach training them off the field, so they can be the best they can be ON the field. That is what I do for artists and actors. With my specific knowledge in Strength and Conditioning and Lifting for Performance, I am more than just getting you in shape. Exercise and nutrition is tailored towards the demands of your career. No more injuries, no more quick fixes. 

I’ve worked with countless dancers, actors, and artists of all types who have struggled with the demands that this career requires of our bodies AND minds. They now have the tools they need to train and optimize performance while off-season, during audition season, and while on the road performing. 

Train with me online or in person! 

“I have enjoyed every minute of working with Amanda who is an anchor in this chaotic world as we attempt to improve our bodies, minds, and confidence while managing life.”

Monica C.